The Ruins of Bhangarh

The day was more than half past and we could not proceed to our trip to Bhangarh fort because of last moment denials by some of our friends. Now the trip was almost cancelled and we three were not happy about it. To refresh our spoiled mood we spent time by roaming around in market and malls, and finally decided to play cards at room( playing cards is our best time pass whenever we meet). while trying to forget the cancelled trip we were busy in playing but suddenly Manish(one among three of us)  shouted “let’s go on the trip in morning and tell others that we are not going to spoil our plan just because of them”. It was already 3 am when he started searching for the travelling options to Bhangarh but after getting unsuccessful in finding a bus he luckily got reservation in shatabdi express. What the luck was! usually one must be lucky enough to get reservations in Indian Railways and we got it just 2hrs before the departure of train. Now our trip was ON, filled with  dramas, uncertainities and last moment flip flops. No one slept that night and we boarded train at 6am and reached Alwar at 8.40am.

Alwar is the nearest railway station to Bhangarh. It is about 100kms.

After reaching alwar we moved to find a good place for breakfast, good in respect to our pocket without compromising the taste. And we found a small dhaba “Baba da Dhaba” near Alwar bus stand famous for its paranthas. Place was small but lassi and paranthas were very delicious and decently priced.


Another good place for food we found was Daawat-e-Khaas restaurant near Alwar bus stand, food was awesome and service was very good, even the manager of restaurant asked us about their food’s taste and quality. It was also good and affordable for the pocket.

After breakfast we hired a taxi from taxi bus stand at HP petrol pump near Alwar bus stand and started our journey to Bhangarh.

Bala fort

It is one of the main attractions in Alwar. It is situated on a hill in the Aravalli Ranges, above the town of Alwar and it was built by Hasan Khan Mewati in 1492 AD.

Road to the fort goes through the aravalli hills, and the deserted road with shruby trees on both sides look beautiful in its own way, it gives the feel as if we are moving in a forest. Bala fort is architecturally very good and has its own historical importance. It is believed that after Hasan Khan Mewati it went to Mughals, Jats and Marathas.

View of the valley from top of the fort is breathtakingly beautiful.


Bala fort top
View of valley from top of Bala Fort



Bhangarh Fort

It is a 17th-century fort built in the Rajasthan state of India. It was built by Man Singh I (one of the navratans of Akbar’s court) for his younger brother Madho Singh I. It was named by Madho Singh after his grandfather Man Singh or Bhan Singh.

It is 235kms from Delhi and 100kms from Alwar city. From Alwar one has to travel by his own vehicle or by hiring a taxi and another option is a bike trip from Delhi. We hired a taxi and driver of our taxi was very nice person, he told us various stories and details about the place.If anyone visits alwar and needs taxi, contact  Ashish kumar- contact no.7597959361.

Bhangarh fort is one of the most haunted places of India as declared by the Archiological survey of India. There are many stories related to Bhangarh fort. One of the most believed story is of a wizard and the princess according to which- there was a wizard who was adept in black magic and he fell in love with Ratnavati, the beautiful princess of Bhangarh. One day princess went for shopping with her friends and was buying scent. The wizard replaced the scent with a love potion so that she would fall in his black magic and would marry him, but somehow princess knew about  the trick and she threw it in a big boulder nearby. As a result boulder started rolling down towards the wizard and crushed him. Before he died, he cursed that Bhangarh would be destroyed soon and no one would be able to live there. Subsequently, Bhangarh was invaded by Mughals and all the people in the fort  including princess were killed. It is believed that ghosts of Princess and wizard along with other people resides in fort. There is a notice at the main entry of fort which prohibit entry to the fort after sunset.

entry to the fort


temple in the premises of the fort


with my friends at the fort
just like the Lui’s den of jungle book
entry to the main fort
aerial view of the fort premises
some spooky feel
the ruins of bhangarh fort
the ruins of bhangarh fort
top view of the fort


at the entry of fort


Entry to the fort is prohobited in night as paranormal activities are reported in the fort which resulted in  some deaths.

But during day I could not find any reason for the hauntedness of the fort. Due to lack of maintenance fort is ruined, plants and shrubs are growing every where inside the fort. The fouling smell from bird and animal excreta , lack of lights in the fort,and flying and chirping sound of bird might create some spooky feeling  as everyone visits there with the stories about the hauntedness of the place.

I found the place beautiful as the fort was surrounded by the aravalli hills and 360 degree view of the place was stunning. These were the ruins of Bhangarh but still have lively and scenic surroundings. I was feeling as if i was on the sets of movie-The Jungle Book and it reminded me of lui’s den.


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